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Survival Analysis for A/B Tests


A/B tests are an effective way to validate hypotheses concerning web data and optimize websites based on those confirmations. An A/B test is essentially an experiment using visitors to a website that indiscriminately assigns a control or treatment condition to each visitor. Contingent on how the tests are conducted; there are many inferences that can be drawn from the data. […]

Tackling the Google Keyword Block


The ability to collect and analyze organic search keywords has always been one of the fundamental capabilities of web analytics tools, in addition to one of the earliest ways to justify the effort of implementing web analytics. The search query was part of the referrer data collected on the initial request, and because it “just happened,” it was almost always […]

The Bigger Picture: Transitioning from Isolated Data Analysis to Multi-Channel Analytics


When it comes to measuring the online success of a business, the maturity level of analytical reporting and decision making usually happens in a phased approach. More often than not the first step in this journey begins with the evaluation of more popular web analytics tools such as the free version of Google Analytics or, if the budget allows, a […]