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Taking Back Smunday – Super Bowl 2017


Today Keystone Solutions, LLC has announced that they will be participating in the (soon-to-be-established) national holiday of “Smunday,” coined by the Sports team at USA Today. As an Atlanta-based enterprise with strong roots in the community, the Falcons’ appearance at next week’s Super Bowl game was certainly not taken lightly.

“We wanted to give our employees the time to truly enjoy this American event and join companies like Kraft-Heinz that recognize the day for what it needs to be: a holiday,” said CEO, Matt Gellis.

Join us in our quest by signing the petition at www.smunday.org/ and bring back American Smunday.


Eric Myers

Eric Myers

Senior Consultant at Keystone Solutions
Eric is a Senior Consultant for Keystone Solutions and has been working in digital measurement for over 8 years. Learn more about him or socially connect below.
Eric Myers

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