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Keystone Solutions Expands Services to Provide End-to-End Digital Measurement, Strategy and Execution

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Today, Keystone Solutions, the premier Data Agency for Strategic Digital Measurement, announced it has significantly expanded its available solutions and services to meet the growing needs and complexity of their global Enterprise clients.

In addition to the existing digital measurement services covering all phases of digital analytics and insights the expanded solutions include additional aspects of the consumer experience and lifecycle including:

  • Digital Brand and Audience Strategy
  • Mobile Application Solutions
  • Automated QA Solutions
  • Turn-key Staffing Solutions
  • Data Visualization
  • Comprehensive Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing
  • User Experience and Ecosystem Audits
  • Marketing Effectiveness Solutions
  • End-to-End Social Media Solutions

“Keystone’s clients increasingly demand more from us as we continue to uncover the possibilities available to them with the data they are or should be collecting,” said Wallace Shellhouse, who oversees Operations and Consulting for Keystone Solutions. “As we expand our offices and solutions to support better our long-term engagements we have had a tremendous response from existing and new clients. Having someone act as a General Contractor for digital data solutions provides a layer of confidence and immediate impact for our customers hard to find in today’s complex digital world.”

“Owning the data stream from inception to insight delivery is a top priority for us,” said Keystone Solutions CEO, Matt Gellis. “It’s the only way we can start to guarantee the credibility and consistency of the data throughout the entire experience. We have looked up and downstream from our niche for a long time hoping to be able to integrate with others to solve some of the end-to-end data credibility problems our clients face and are now just wading in and rolling up our sleeves in typical Keystone fashion to get it done.”

These new services will be rolling out across the site over the next few weeks; however, the team is ready to meet your needs with the Keystone Data Stream Managment Solutions today and can offer a private demo any time.

This post originally appeared on BusinessWire and was republished with full permission.


Eric Myers

Eric Myers

Senior Consultant at Keystone Solutions
Eric is a Senior Consultant for Keystone Solutions and has been working in digital measurement for over 8 years. Learn more about him or socially connect below.
Eric Myers

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