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2017 State of Data & Measurement

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Where Are We?

The goal for 2017 should be to fire every Executive who won’t actually understand the impact of digital data and consumer experience on their brand and business.  I say won’t because it denotes a lack of even trying.  Get rid of the bosses who believe in business as usual and fear innovation and transformation. Get rid of the Directors who would rather shape the data to their story than optimize against reality or who believe that this “digital data thing” will pass.  Working alongside the leaders who believe that having an IT-led customer database or a Sales CRM means you have enough consumer data can be a killer for your analytics program.  For all those laboring under the yoke of a company who pays lip service to the value of data while shouting from the rooftops with their actions that they just don’t care – rise!

So much easier said than done sadly.

How Do We Progress?

I don’t think anyone has a problem admitting that we need data.  I mean, it’s 2017, of course we need data.  The problem is that we often want the wrong data.  We are often sent scurrying down the wrong rabbit hole or left to wander in a barren wasteland of useless metrics (page views anyone?) with lofty goals of monetizing that data across the organization.

To be data-driven, you have to start the change at the top.  It doesn’t right now.  It starts with the passionate people in the trenches who want to make a difference but are given tiny air cover, relief, supplies, or troops.  It should start with the leaders who proclaim that they know data is the greatest asset in the digital age.  Those very same leaders want to give only 15 minutes to the Analytics team to cover the “dashboard” of useless metrics they have been asked to waste their time on so that we can check the box internally of “doing digital data.”

In this day and age  (especially to achieve truly credible data) there is little room for “alternative facts” or hands off management.  But what staggers the imagination is the stark contrast of what is coming from the mouths of the company leadership and the reality of their digital and analytics team having no headcount, no resources, no budget, no education expansion, and the list goes on.  So either data is your greatest asset, or it isn’t.  (Here’s a hint – in today’s digital age it’s the only asset).

How Are Analytics Vendors Contributing?

At the end of the day, the cost of measurement is so much more than just the cost of the analytics vendor.  It includes the mistakes made from incorrect data, the wasted time on discrepancy management, countless hours on explaining why consumer experience data is priceless, rework from mistakes made from lack of resources or experience, or the added cost of redundant vendors kept on because of the backroom boys club network.

Even the way we are staffing externally for these roles is adding to the cost as the industry has given rise to the “vendor experts.”  Those with years of experience with this vendor or that who without knowing promotes the vendor that best fits their skill set – not necessarily what is best for the client or company.  Without the right focus on fundamentals that span all mediums or platforms, we get locked into a situation where true expertise ultimately has given way to tricks and shortcuts.

So it is into this landscape Keystone finds itself once again wading into the data stream and rolling up our sleeves.  And while we are making a call to the leaders who should be doing something and investing in their data programs and consumer experience analysis – we are arming those who are tasked with shouldering this job with more.  In this case, more time.  More value.  More credibility.  To truly do more with less until the call to action is heard by their leadership.

How is Keystone Tackling the Issue?

Keystone’s focus for the last 18 months has been in transforming the company – not only expanding our locations but investing in more innovation and automation for the practitioner, better solutions for visualization, easier education opportunities, and tools to allow the focus of the teams to remain on driving action through data.   We are laser focused on data credibility and authentic consumer experience.  We are dedicated to owning the data stream from inception of data to delivery of insight.

As a Data Agency, we are passionate about providing true end-to-end consumer experience measurement and analysis, across any platform or medium as we break down the data silos that continue to bar full engagement with our clients and their consumers.

Keep listening over the next few weeks as we have several exciting announcements coming from our QA tool to our dedicated training and education center and direct hire staffing models.

We are putting all of our attention and resources to ensuring we remove trust of data from the adoption equation and providing credible tools to assist with the fundamentals that are so often overlooked.

If you happen to be present at Adobe Summit this week, first, we would love to chat with you and have given you the ability to book quick appointments with our team to discuss your path to better. If not, feel free to reach out in the comments or directly via the contact forms to the right.

Matt Gellis
Matt is the CEO and Founder of Keystone Solutions and has been working in the digital measurement space for over 20 years. His expertise from governance and implementation to process and analysis has helped his clients garner valuable insight from data across industries, tools and methodologies.
Matt Gellis


CEO of @KeystoneSocial. Passionate about credible, actionable data that transforms the customer experience. Dad, nerd, and secret member of the Jedi Council.
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Matt Gellis

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