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Consumer Experience and The Data Agency – Adobe Summit 2017

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Adobe Summit 2017

It’s an amazingly exciting time for data and the opportunities ahead!  It’s still a time for passionate people to change the course of their data legacy. Now with a new pivot in the industry toward consumer experience and the tools to help make that dream a reality, we are witnessing the start of the next data revolution. This is evidenced by the fact that I’m here, in Las Vegas, which has been marked by amazing attendance, some fantastic keynotes, and an energy and passion about data that only comes by bringing 12,000 people together where they finally have others to talk to that don’t look at them like they just sprouted horns from their face.  (Most of my family and friends still tell people I do “computer stuff”).

The stats of this gathering, whether the Partner growth, attendance, or diversity of roles continues to underscore the vast importance of truly managing the consumer’s experience through data – the keyhole to the consumer that we still struggle to look through completely.

2017 Adobe Summit & Partner Statistics

A Quick Look Back at Summit History

Snowbird LogoThe first Digital Analytics Summit wasn’t with Adobe.  It was back in the very beginning when MyComputer was transforming into Omniture – the analytics powerhouse that would end up consolidating a field of hundreds of analytics players into only a handful who could compete.  As the rest of the industry
started to see the tremendous power of digital and the opportunity that data, as the greatest asset of the digital age, would ultimately lead to Omniture was acquired by Adobe and the race to complete a platform
for capturing, integrating, and analyzing data was on in earnest.

That first Summit was at Snowbird.  I was there.  In fact, 70% of the content was delivered by myself, John Pestana (now co-founder of Observe Point) and Dan Reno. We all wanted to know what all 20 of those attendees wanted!  Back then it was an exciting time as we worked on things like how to get eVars into the platform to finally start tracking commerce events!

The New Solutions & Consumer Experience

Amid the partnership review of the Adobe/Microsoft solutions, the tremendous focus on moving beyond analytics to transform your business into an Experience-driven organization, we heard from amazing people who have successfully built brands and global presence by focusing fanatically on their consumer.  By following them, loving them, asking them what they wanted, listening to their needs, and innovating, brands like NBA, T-Mobile, ESPN, National Geographic, and others have seen tremendous growth and loyalty in an increasingly complicated digital world.  They understand that to drive an engaging experience requires a constant rebuilding of their strategy.  They know that taking shortcuts, cutting corners, or ignoring the little things will ultimately impact (negatively) the very people they profess to want to engage – the consumer.

The People / Process / Tech Balancing Act

Man Balancing on Chairs on Top of BuildingAt Keystone Solutions, we are thrilled that our critical partners, like Adobe, are investing so much in the technology that is key to a well-balanced experience measurement framework.  However, as we all know, technology enables but does not complete the equation for real digital excellence.  Further compound the complexity of digital measurement (genuinely valuable measurement I should clarify) with the fact we are now trying to evolve to be able to ride shotgun with our consumers and innovate with them in real time to transform their experience while they have it and you have an impressive balancing act. One that technology is not able to solve alone.

Without the right level of process, governance, development, QA, resources, analysis, and ultimately action the technology is like purchasing a Ferrari you never take out of the garage, but it makes you feel better knowing it’s there.  And in today’s complicated digital age the right partner makes all the difference.    Peeling the layers of a successful measurement and consumer experience framework back is something many Enterprise companies are not familiar with and where the critical details can be missed.  Risk assessment, regulations, security and privacy, legal implications, data credibility, and more go into just the fundamentals of a scalable and robust experience measurement initiative.

The Future Role of the Experience-Focused Data Agency

At Keystone, we’ve been at the forefront of the consumer experience in everything we’ve done.  From our early solutions designed to map, identify, and optimize the consumer experience path (as a hint – the consumer route and optimization path cares nothing at all for what business unit, Manager, Division, or section of the org chart that defines who does what under the covers of the organization) for our customers to our maniacal focus on data credibility and strategic excellence.

Keystone takes consumer experience so seriously we have expanded our offices, our partnerships, our resources, and refined our solutions to ensure we are covering the entire data stream from data inception to insight delivery.   That means we will be delivering value and actionable insights around our customer’s consumer from brand development and customer acquisition to the analysis, visualization, distribution, and ultimate understanding of the impact those insights garner.   In this way, we can start to guarantee data credibility and begin to remove trust in the data from the adoption equation.

As a Data Agency, our focus is on driving value for our global clients across all platforms and mediums – and the most efficient way we do that is by introducing them very personally to their consumer, whoever that may be, and ensuring they have every opportunity to succeed spectacularly.  The right conversations, relevance, monetization, and immersive experience.

Keystone Solutions has been pushing the envelope for clients using Adobe’s solutions since day one, even before they were Adobe.  Driving solutions across every vertical, whether customizing and writing entire tag management platforms before the TMS revolution hit, innovating ways to make QA even more effective, to creating efficient on shoring strategies to assist our global clients with every step of their Experience Transformation.

The Digital Consumer Experience Visualization

Congratulations to Adobe on another fantastic Summit!  We look forward to talking with all of those who are ready to comprehensively integrate the phenomenal solutions provided by Adobe’s powerful Experience Cloud with a best-in-class process, governance, scalability, and expertise.

Matt Gellis
Matt is the CEO and Founder of Keystone Solutions and has been working in the digital measurement space for over 20 years. His expertise from governance and implementation to process and analysis has helped his clients garner valuable insight from data across industries, tools and methodologies.
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