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One of the ways to drive user adoption and enable long-term scalability of a measurement program is training. Training on the technology side, training for the development team implementing the code, training on specific vendors, training on report distribution, analysis and insight generation, we’ve done it all and we want to pass this knowledge to you.

It can be just as important to know what a solution or analytics product is not, as well as what it is. Should we be using this data as a system of record? Where should users go to find the “final word” on internal numbers? Are there systems for different groups or reports for different business units? We dive deep into your data and create custom training courses relevant to your organization and audience. As part of this exercise we also help identify how data should be used (directional versus statistically relevant data application), what vendors should not be used for specific type of reporting, and more.

Maximize the returns on your analytics investments. Let us help you by creating a custom training program available everyone in your organization who participates in the analytics cycle, from development to analysis.