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If you don’t trust your data, you won’t use it. If you don’t use your data, you won’t make decisions based on what your customers are actively telling you. You might as well use all of the money we know you’re spending on analytics on something else.

We get it – implementation, data collection, audits, true measurement QA – it isn’t sexy. But don’t make the mistake of thinking just anyone can help you with this. There is a strategy, an art based on experience, and science based on methodical execution to making sure you can trust your data, it is credible and that is stays this way consistently. This is the Keystone way.

Keystone provides thought leadership to the biggest and most complex global organizations. Creating order from chaos across multiple sites, CMS, geographically distributed teams, and anything else you can think of – we’ve done it.

We will create a data collection methodology that allows you to focus your time and energy on what you do best and eliminate the bottleneck that all companies face – trust in and credibility of their data. When we remove this credibility bottleneck, you’ll be surprised at how quickly data will transform your business decisions, drive value through monetization, and allow you to more effectively engage with your audience across all of the digital conversations.

Data credibility is a product of implementation, data collection, auditing, and tag management. It is the foundation and a means of reducing your total cost of analytics ownership. Trust in your data enables innovation for all other initiatives. It is what makes combining data from multiple channels and optimization for customer segments possible. Data credibility is the core, the foundation of the success of all of our Enterprise clients and Keystone Solutions works with leading, global eCommerce, media, and technology companies to solve their most complex challenges.