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Quality Assurance

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It takes a special kind of person to get excited about QA and we have them here at Keystone! But we’re not talking about the standard QA you might find in an IT organization. Most of the QA today is relegated to page level evaluation of whether the analytics or measurement code has broken the rest of the page. If not, roll it out!

At Keystone, QA is not just “Quality Assurance”, It is “Quality Assessment”.

Our clients have complex needs when it comes to monitoring the success of their analytics implementations, which can be undermined without the right processes in place to safeguard the data and alert to potential trouble areas.

We work with our clients to put together the right processes, tools, solutions, and custom development and automation where necessary, to make sure that we are collecting the right data. Our goal is to reinforce the integrity of the data and that we work effectively with IT and Business.

Working together with your internal development and delivery teams, we can maximize the impact of data on your organization by providing data sets that your stakeholders can trust implicitly.