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Just as your business adjusts to market dynamics and consumer preferences, the analytics industry is also constantly evolving. From tag management removing existing barriers to entry from a deployment perspective, to a host of specialty vendors focused on specific pain points, it can be overwhelming knowing what’s really needed and, more importantly, who should provide the service.

Keystone has experience with dozens of vendors and partners in the digital analytics and marketing space.

In our role as a trusted advisor and consultant to some of the largest companies in the world we have seen just about everything. And in many cases, we are pushing the limits of what these technologies and products can do.

One of the things we are asked to do most often, as we put in place a digital measurement program, is to help our clients manage their total cost of ownership of analytics products and solutions. This includes removing redundancies, thereby increasing efficiency, so our clients can do more with less, and maximizing returns on analytics expenditures. The key is to make sure you have the right vendors and partners assisting in the data collection, distribution to appropriate users, and analysis.

From collaborative consulting to running entire RFP processes and final selection, Keystone leverages its industry knowledge and deep relationships with our partners to bring the right technologies to the table for our clients with the aim of keeping immediate and future costs under control.

Let us help you, as you navigate the wide variety of measurement solutions and products in the digital ecosystem, ensure you have exactly what you need to transform your measurement program and align with your business goals.