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Analysis and Reporting

Create an automated way to pull our data from our analytics vendor for more than 50 sites, disseminate to 200 users, modify distribution to fit the needs of five groups of consumers, and make sure you add in the insights that will prompt action, so users know what they should be doing with the data.” Yes, this is an actual request from one of our clients and yes, we love it. It may make us crazy, but better us than you. These are the things that get us excited.

Keystone leverages the full spectrum of talent on its consultant bench to provide true analysis and actionable insights, so you can make informed decisions.

From dashboard and data distribution strategies to metric creation and analysis, we provide end-to-end intelligence for world’s largest ecommerce and media companies.

This type of work requires a partner not afraid to roll up their sleeves and wade into an environment that, in many cases, has scared away more than few analysts in the past. As we get our hands around the data and the story that resides there comes into focus, we can move toward a more proactive approach to driving insights – optimization, predictive modeling, data integration, and more. Let us figure out how to make your analytics practice more relevant across all the digital conversations you are having and how to monetize them.