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Data Democratization

You’ve built a broad and scalable measurement foundation that is aligned with your business objectives. You’ve put in place the infrastructure that gives you confidence in credibility of the data you are collecting. You are now ready to connect the dots. You are ready to funnel this data across your organization, across business units and to key decision makers.

It’s time to frame, transform, and interpret raw data into actionable business insights. It’s time to tell a story.

We tell stories with the aim of translating data into powerful business insights that enable organizations to adjust to shifting market trends, innovate, and enhance how they engage with their audience. It takes a lot of experience to extract the right insights from data versus simply distributing the data. And even more experience to take these insights and turn them into relevant and actionable intelligence for different stakeholders.

From the C-Suite to the development teams responsible for execution, Keystone custom tailors these stories for all audiences. These stories change over time, even though the data may not, calibrating these stories to reflect the dynamic nature of the digital ecosystem is an art and a science.

At Keystone we go beyond the simple “heart beat” metrics of a site (time spent, PVs, UVs, etc). Dashboards focused on simple volume calculations and top level metrics are not much of a strategy to truly move the needle in business intelligence.

Working across all verticals and channels — Web, Mobile, and Social—we focus on the metrics that will help monetize the conversations you are having with your customers every day.

From conversion path and revenue per product analysis to CPV, CPC, and engagement levels, we uncover, decipher, and direct insights that will drive value for your business and customers.

Our Insight Solutions team lays the foundation for additional optimization efforts by lowering the cost of ownership and barriers to entry for engaging with specific segments and by identifying behavior drivers in advance of true optimization.

We focus on the impact of multi-channels touch points a visitor has prior to engaging with you..

Our team also plays a key role in driving user adoption throughout organizations by validating collection of data, using data to inform decision makers, and making data accessible to all stake holders in a format specific to their needs.

By driving adoption and democratization of data, Keystone helps close the loop between the technical and business needs of an organization, an essential step toward a more cohesive approach to measurement, optimization, and experience for your customers and audience.