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Data Visualization

Illuminate relevant connections between data points, channels, segments, and other touch points — the key is to do it in a way that is both functional and easy to digest.

Now that we have eliminated data collection as a bottle neck to credibility and we are extracting insights from the data, how do we tell this story visually?

We work with our clients to create everything from custom reports, backend data import solutions, custom spreadsheet distribution models, and even more advanced data visualization solutions using partners like Tableau.

These are the questions that Keystone practitioners have to consider as they evaluate your current state of analytics and assess the key milestones needed to get to your destination, where you are the analytics hero and have used data wisely to drive value across the entire organization.

It’s the art of taking complex, voluminous data and refining it to the actionable and relevant components – customized by individual users and business groups.